Growth Milestone – GratefulšŸ˜˜

My little blog reached 200 followers today which may be small to some but very much a big achievement for me. I am so thankful for all of the support, so thank you :). My intention is to share what I know and have learned that is aligned with N.N.I - Nourishing the Body, Nurturing… Continue reading Growth Milestone – GratefulšŸ˜˜

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The day you realise your Demons were never Demons at all

And one day you realise your demons were never demons at all. They were disassociated parts of you appearing to conspire against you to the same capacity that you tried resisting them. The day you braved to face your demons is when you noticed they were only screaming for you. Screaming for you to recognise… Continue reading The day you realise your Demons were never Demons at all

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Emotional Expression Through Journaling

Feeling stressed, sad, angry, goal driven or perhaps just really happy?  Remember the days we used to keep a diary as a child? "Dear diary....." for me those two words ensue the mental imagery of our teenage selves expressing school experiences in an animated diary under what we didn't know was a faux lock &… Continue reading Emotional Expression Through Journaling