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TRUST IN RELATIONSHIPS: The Inner Conflict of Intuitive Guidance and Fear.

Trust is fundamental for any relationship to truly flourish to its fullest potential. Ernest Hemmingway claims the best way to trust someone is to trust them, however, how can one truly achieve this when past betrayal has predisposed them to the walls of mistrust? Unfortunately, this protection mechanism stands for many of us, deeper than the past pain one experience lies an innate fear of the unknown, of which pain and heartache is what we ultimately fear for ourselves the most which prevents any vulnerability to be exposed.
Hemmingway has it right in the sense an element of faith in another is required in order to validate someone’s loyalty. Where this becomes problematic is when you open yourself up to the infant stage of trust by initially approaching a person with the benefit of the doubt, setting a level of belief in another persons words and behavior which conflicts with what isn’t easy to discern logically but still calls for attention, a gut feeling if you will that can’t be justified or explained with clear fact.
Do you know that inner voice that I am talking about? personally, I believe I am quite attuned to my emotions but I have found myself to have had a long-term struggle in specifically identifying this inner mistrust as what could be an intuitive warning despite what can’t be seen or the possibility that the inner feeling is a fear that remains to be healed? A fear that I see as healed upon the act of even opening up to trust again? I love to post blogs that provide answers so this one is a little different in I would love to hear your thoughts, knowledge, and experience in this space on an open platform that allows others including myself to gain insight into what is relevant to a lot of us.

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2 thoughts on “TRUST IN RELATIONSHIPS: The Inner Conflict of Intuitive Guidance and Fear.”

  1. For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first. Every relationship needs to have ups and downs. Just to prove that the relationship is strong enough to survive. Long-term relationships. Enjoyed reading your write-up.

  2. Trust of this kind is cultivated during the life of the relationship. It is earned by each of the people who are in the relationship and becomes stronger as time goes on if there are no serious hiccups to harm or destroy what has been developed. And each person must try not to be unduly upset by every issue that arises. With hard work and prayer, trust can remain throughout the life of the marriage or friendship. And when something serious happens you must have a plan already in place to resolve it if possible.

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