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💪•Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop Moving•💪

Due to the unfortunate closure of gym centres, now is not the time to stop exercising too! in fact it’s the perfect time to start moving people if it’s not a usual for you. We’re not all fortunate to have home fitness equipment but really it’s not needed, our body weight is all we need to achieve a workout. We can see the whole world is being impacted by what’s going on, at an individual level we’re experiencing the effects in varying degrees yet what we can all relate to similarly is the fear the uncertainty of it all instils in us.

Fear, stress & worry, especially when experienced long-term are proven detriments to our physical and mental wellbeing of which exercise is guaranteed to improve. There is a wealth of workout videos a click away. Get on YouTube and do a 30 minute latin dance cardio workout and dance like no one is watching! and no one will be watching – you’re in isolation. So have fun, flail those arms around get your heart rate up and spirit lifted.

💛💛We can’t control things on a global scale, what we can control for ourselves however is self-care.💛💛

6 thoughts on “💪•Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop Moving•💪”

  1. This is very motivating thank you. I’ve been trying to do cardio each day at home and it definitely has reduced my anxiety and stress and increased my sense of happiness

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