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Is it LOVE? or is it the version your mind constructed?

The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see and knows what the mind cannot understand – Shriya Rayna

The version of love that your mind has constructed in your life is what will keep you from experiencing the the real thing in it’s full capacity. Regardless of the relationship dynamic, love is a universal feeling, a noun defined as an intense emotion, a deep affection for something or another person. It is emotively described, yet so many of us have been predisposed to what ‘love’ should look like and in the realm of that particular set of expectations is what will inevitably set a shock to the system when unhappiness rises and festers outwardly in the myriads and see patterns repeatedly cycled.
If love is defined as a feeling, why have we applied logic and reasoning dictacting how love should be present in our worlds, as well as how it should be given to us??
Our life blueprint is unique to each of us and is consequently why we see conflict and disappointment in this space in our lives for the mere fact that the way love has been progressively constructed from ones life experiences is going to differ to the construct of how love has been developed for you.

For most of us, the cinematic impression of romance tells us a knight in shining armour will sweep us of our feet and love us for ever after or the intended motive to envy others by seducing that banging babe for the only reason he or she is, well, banging! the perceived dream, isn’t it? As well as media portyal, the exposure of relationships surrounding us during the critical stages of development in childhood is largely what influences our view as adults. As children our pliable minds deem what we see most frequently as normal, this reality is what creates certain beliefs that we will either willingly or subconsciously recreate in future relationships. Children contained in less fortunate circumstances see the immediate benefit in closing their heart from themselves and others to protect themselves from the hurt and danger they’ve witnessed or experienced before. Taking these pre-existing thought patterns into our own adult relationships with our own children, friendships and romantic partners is where we can potentially see ourselves in unideal situations such as settling for less, enabling toxic behaviour, adapting to the views of others or societal norms, self-depreciating, clashing with out children’s differing personalities, deliberately blinding and blocking ourselves to blessings or single handedly creating a physical illusion of what ‘should be’, that will only penetrate as deep as the superficial level it was set out to be.

The inconsistencies of love & happiness in what we expected it to be and reality are not failings on our part. Their existence present a specific teaching available to you that may not always be easy to learn or accept which is why choose the easier option to ignore, however they will keep re-appearing in your life until your self-awareness is ready to meet your hearts call. The opportunity to seek what’s deep in your heart and clearly see where fear, judgement, expectation and pride stand against the very essence of what is happy and true in your heart is the most enlightening of all. Authentically allowing this change in by deconstructing what you thought ‘should be’ and ultimately letting go of the control you thought you had or wanted in your life will see a happier way of being, a realisation of the love that surrounds you and recognition and appreciation when it appears in your life in the many ways that it can for you.

Nourish your Body. Nurture your Mind. Inspire your Soul

Love, Glenda

1 thought on “Is it LOVE? or is it the version your mind constructed?”

  1. The Hollywood kind of love is very pale imitation of real love. Jesus owns the truth and His love is more beautiful than the picture perfect kind of love that they sell in the theaters. Thanks for writing this! 🙏


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